Benefits and Uses of Alloy Steel and Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes

Transporting things from one place to another has always been a task in the manufacturing sector. It requires a lot of time and energy and also comprises the use of some high functioning equipment. This process is an important part of manufacturing a product as transportation is required everywhere. Solids are anyways easier to transport as they are wholesome and can be carried from one place to another. Liquids and gases on the other hand need special care and specific containers to avoid spilling or leaking. If not this may be a cause of great loss and can be harmful as well.


Uses of Seamless Tubes and Mechanical Tubes

Transfer of raw materials is a major and primary work in the process manufacturing. Taking materials from one place to another is an important part of the manufacturing industry. This transfer takes a great deal of time money and energy if not done is ways convenient to the environment and the people as well. To avoid complications there are equipments available in the market for the purpose of transfer of goods. More care has to be taken while transferring liquids and fluids as any spill or leakage can cause a huge problem and lead to further complications.


Mechanical Tubes Made To Strengthen Your Dreams for Better Future

Whenever we find a structure out of tubes we get to know the fact that a strong and firm tube has been employed here to strengthen the base. These tubes are created to strict tolerations and specifications that provide strength to the engineering built on it. Mostly the machinery industries most particularly the motor vehicles and industrial and construction industries keep their eyes glued on mechanical tubes which can provide them the best tenacity in terms of mechanical strength. The mechanical structures are highly benefitted from the steel pipes and tubes.


A Quick Tour Of Seamless Tube Manufacturing Process

Seamless Tube ManufacturingA Seamless tube also known as cold drawn seamless pipe is used in a variety of applications and industries. They are more often used in the exchange of liquids, numerous liquids (especially hot fluids) are made to flow through these pipes and bars. These tubes are manufactured in different shapes and sizes depending on the requirement. Now before we jump into its manufacturing process, let’s see why these tubes or pipes are important?


Make Your Business and Home Better With These Seamless Pipes and Tubes

Steel pipes and tubes seems to be a hot topic these days, in fact, buying can be proven as one of the wisest decisions taken as it can be used for several purposes and applications in industries like automobiles, boilers and pressure vessels, pharmaceutical industries, fertilizers, railways, instrumentation, diaries, condenser, defence.


Heat Exchanger Tubes – One Equipment and Several Uses

What is a heat exchanger? It is an equipment specially designed to transfer heat from one medium to another, used in several sectors of the society such as residential, commercial as well as industrial.

Now have you ever wondered how do these equipment work? The equipment is separated by a solid wall that is meant to prevent the mixing of the mediums with each other. You will find hot fluid at one side of the wall while other contains cold fluid that effectively flows through channels. Like I said before the entire equipment is designed with the help of fins and corrugations to transfer the heat efficiently.


Why Choose Our Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes?

Seamless steel pipes and manufacturing is a process that is not known to everybody, especially the non-industrialists. In simple words, The process starts with a solid, round steel billet that is heated at a solid temperature and pulled over in order to take a shape of a hollow tube. Using carbon steel pipes offers wide range of benefits and advantages, let’s us know how!

Carbon Steel Seamless Tube


A basic Understanding of Heat Exchanger Tubes

Several people in mechanical and chemical circles are talking about heat exchanger tubes these days. Although you can discover them in several appliances used on the daily basis like air conditioners, refrigerators, boilers radiators in vehicles, industries like petroleum, oil and refineries, and many more. How does these heat exchanger tubes work? It’s a basic principle of transferring heat from one medium to another. Take an example of your car radiator, it allows the hot fluid to cool from the engine, once fins of the radiator radiate heat into the air.

heat exchanger tubes (more…)


ANAND SEAMLESS manufactures Chrome Molybdenum – 4130 grade steel tubes to confirm to various international grades like MIL -T 6736 B, ASTM A 519 – 4130 etc to serve to the various applications that the tube finds. This grade Chrome Molybdenum Tubes – 4130 Steel mainly find application where there is requirement for higher resistance to corrosion, fatigue , temperature etc and hence is quickly replacing the carbon steel tubes in many industries. It finds application primarily in Aerospace – Aircraft Quality Tubing, Heat Exchangers in Petrochemical and refining Industries, OEM component manufacturers of Automobile Components.